E U G E N I E  D E S I G N S  I N  P E A R L S

A native New Orleanian, Liz Sloss has always had a passion for fine jewelry, especially pearls. In 1982, she and a partner opened “Parker and Sloss,” a fine jewelry store in New Orleans that specialized in pearls. Liz bought the components of many of the custom-made pieces in the store and had them strung together, which is what she continues to do today with her personal collection.

As her family grew, Liz decided to close the store. Her interest in jewelry design never waned and, in 2004, she began buying unique beads and colorful pearls to string pieces for herself and her friends just for fun. As she continued to develop more and more designs, she decided to turn her passion into a business once more.

“I had the experience of buying merchandise and running a store,” says Liz. “I knew what I needed and how to make it happen. I found a pearl stringer and I was in business!”

Liz began selling consignment at a local New Orleans retailer and hosted private showings in her home as well as homes throughout Atlanta, Baton Rouge, and Houston.

Today, the main focus of each Liz Sloss necklace or bracelet is its custom-made, one-of-a-kind clasp. She pulls her inspiration from interesting sterling silver and vermeil clasps she finds in her travels. She works with cultured freshwater pearls of every shape and color to create pieces perfect for today’s woman. Many of her designs are one-of-a-kind.